Teacher-Member TRS
Trustee Candidate

Ben Morgenroth

Vote Ben Morgenroth for teacher member of the NYC Teacher System (TRS) trustee board

Vote for Ben. Voting is at our schools on May 8, 2024.

Vote Ben Morgenroth. Ben is a union proud, union strong Tier 6 educator running as a teacher member candidate for the TRS trustee board. He is committed to FIXING TIER 6, NOW! NOT LATER. The only candidate with the financial expertise and background, as a former investment fund risk analyst, with the knowledge and professional experience to keep our pensions safe and secure.

Ben’s Priorities

✅ Fix Tier 6 now, not later.
✅ End the 6% contributions.
✅ Ensure ongoing pension fund solvency
✅ Advocate hard for all TRS members
✅ Improve benefits for members of all tiers
✅ Equalize the fixed TDA rate of return so UFT members get the same rate as CUNY and CSA members (Restore 8.25% rate)
✅ Increased transparency from TRS
✅ Eliminate the parental leave pension penalty

About Ben

Vote for Ben Morgenroth, fellow NYC public schools teacher, for the NYC TRS trustee board. If elected, he will be part of the three teacher trustees who oversee the more than $100 billion in our pension fund.This trustee position is the second to change hands in two years. We need qualified trustees with a solid financial background, like Ben’s, to keep our pensions safe, secure and stable.We need to put the best qualified candidate on the ballot and Ben is the most qualified candidate.Ben teaches AP Calculus and Algebra II at Brooklyn Technical High School and has served as a passionate teacher in the New York City public schools for the past decade. He also serves as an adjunct lecturer in Mathematics at Hunter College, City University of New York. He is a life-long New Yorker and a graduate of New York City public schools. He comes from a family of educators; he and three members of his immediate family are all TRS members.Ben holds a BA in Applied Math-Economics from Brown University and a MA in Applied Mathematics from Hunter College.Prior to teaching, Ben served as a business technology consultant and hedge fund risk analyst, helping to manage $3 billion in client investments.He is the only candidate with a strong investment background who can be trusted to keep our pension stable, solvent, and ensure that it continues to grow.Ben is an independent-thinking, union-proud, classroom educator who will serve the best interests of all NYC educators. He will fight to fix Tier 6 so all members have a fair pension and have the option to retire at 55 with the same contributions that Tier 4 members have

Why You Should Care?

There is an upcoming election for one of the three teacher trustees of our pension system (TRS) where working TRS members will have the chance to choose between the two candidates who are running (retirees can't vote).The election will be held in the schools on May 8, 2024.Why should you care?Because the health and longevity of your pension relies on three teacher trustees along with two mayoral appointees, the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) president, and the NYC Comptroller overseeing all our investments. These seven officials are supposed to ensure that our pension is sound and investments are thriving far into the future.Over the past decades, all trustees, most without a degree in finance or economics or any relevant private sector investment experience, have acted under the instructions of the UFT/Unity Caucus leadership and fundamentally continue to rubber stamp the decisions made by Wall Street investors who earn significant fees that are not always transparent. They are pressured to vote as a bloc and not to ask questions of the TRS investors.Now we have the chance to vote for Brooklyn Tech Advanced Placement math teacher Ben Morgenroth in the TRS election on May 8. He brings with him actual classroom experience with degrees in mathematics and economics, along with private sector financial and investment experience. He will ask informed questions to those tasked with securing our pensions and will act independently of the dictums of Michael Mulgrew — who has been at the helm as our healthcare and pension benefits have diminished.Morgenroth’s membership on the Board will ensure we have the professional and knowledgeable oversight we need to protect our pensions.